Are you taking full advantage of what Adobe Campaign can offer your company?

Adobe Campaign is recognized as a Leader in the “Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs” by Gartner. Are you taking full advantage of everything this platform can offer you?

The use of some best practices and recurring checks can help you explore and take advantage of all Adobe Campaign has to offer. As an outcome, delivering you the best possible results, always.

It’s highly recommended for Adobe Campaign teams to run frequent checks to ensure Performance, Security and Deliverability.

These are some of the main points we run on our Adobe Campaign Health Check program that you should be watching closely. These pointers can be game changers whether you are delivering a new campaign, boosting your performance, running your contingency routine or dealing with a specific issue.

Security & Audit

At the beginning of each project, it is best practice to have a well-defined user access plan such as “Who has access to what” and “who sees what”. As the project moves forward, the teams grow, and different stakeholders come and go. This efficient security measure is usually overlooked. Some common mistakes, such as sharing users, giving administrative access to the wrong users and importing unimportant data can cause future damage, especially when involving data compliance or a wrong action lawsuit, for example. Always keep control of your accesses and data.

This issue by default addressed by our Adobe Campaign Health Check but can also be run separately by one of our many Senior Adobe Campaign Architects.

IP Reputation, keeping it healthy

When embarking on as new Adobe Campaign users in the past, the first step you probably took was the IP Warming. This service is offered by Adobe when you purchase your license and begin your first implementation. Next, an initial plan with a ramp up throughput was made and you were up and running, ready to go. Were you able to keep your IP reputation? What about current complaints? With our clients, we often run into situations where an IP Re-Warming procedure is required. Keep your IPs healthy, always.

A few tools are available in the market that can help you monitor your IP reputation, but we know monitoring is only part of the equation.

The Refresh IP Warm Up and Reputation building blocks program consists of 80 hours in consulting services per IP address, where a full scan is run, and a report is made. With basis on the results an action plan is created and executed on our clients Adobe Campaign instance. This service is usually completed in less than four weeks.

Staging, Production and UAT

Some campaigns can be chaotic. Tight deadlines, strict business requirements and multiple teams involved. Staging environments and UAT are standard in the software industry, but the real-world sometimes forces us to adapt, making sure the project stays on pace. SLA’s and processes are often adjusted, and some steps end up being ignored. Make sure you always have the Staging environment in sync with the production one. Errors might take a while to surface, but eventually, they do happen, and when they do, the outcome is always catastrophic.

Synchronizing environments and UAT (user acceptance testing) will depend on the size of your operation.

Adobe Campaign offers an out-the-box feature where you can export/import packages for different instances. In our experience, human interference and manual work are often required to ensure the data modeling is reflected on both environments also making sure the workflows are running properly. Our experienced Adobe Campaign Consultants can make sure everything is running correctly, and if needed, we can generate a complete report identifying what needs to be fixed and train your team to perform this task.

User Acceptance Testing is created on-demand, based solely on that client’s operation needs.

Data, goes both ways

It’s common knowledge that data is any company’s most valuable asset. When we talk about modern marketing campaigns, having wrong data or using it incorrectly can turn out to be a nightmare. As the business and operation grows, the amount of the data that ends up stored on Adobe Campaign is massive. A common mistake is to bring unnecessary data into Adobe Campaign, or to not run proper clean up jobs. Unnecessary data can slow down your workflows, cause interpretation errors and make it harder to filter and generate reports in the future. Periodic reviews, in all aspects, is highly recommended (Data type, indexes, data age, duplicates etc.). Take pride in your data and keep it clean.

Combining the expertise of our DBAs (Database Specialists), Adobe Campaign Architects and Adobe Campaign Business Practitioners we dig deep to understand the client’s needs, as well as requirements, and implement best practices in order to take maximum advantage of the Adobe Campaign tool. This action can help companies to increase performance and run their now error-free campaigns more efficiently.

From our team

With over 30,000 hours delivered in Adobe Campaign consulting alone, our team has worked with clients in 10 different countries, from implementation to a full operation. Based on our experience, we’ve created building blocks for Adobe Campaign in order to help companies like yours boost the platform use and improve operations on daily basis.

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