IP Reputation and Re-Warming

Over the past years, email deliverability has evolved, a lot. When it comes to email marketing, deliverability means getting email marketing messages to the recipients’ Inboxes.

Subject lines, image-text ratio and spam filter words have been the most important things to watch out while sending email marketing. Nowadays, the sender reputation became number one factor to make sure the message gets delivered correctly.

It’s important to keep track of the bounce rates, complaints, unsubscription requests and recipient’s engagement. If those KPI’s aren’t address properly, they can hurt your IP reputation, and an IP re-warming action might be required.

When embarking on as new Adobe Campaign users in the past, the first step you probably took was the IP Warming. This service is offered by Adobe when you purchase your license and begin your first implementation. Next, an initial plan with a ramp up throughput was made and you were up and running, ready to go. Were you able to keep your IP reputation? What about current complaints? With our clients, we often run into situations where an IP Re-Warming procedure is required. Keep your IPs healthy, always.

The Refresh IP Warm Up and Reputation program consists of 80 hours in consulting services per IP address, where a full scan is run, and a report is made. With basis on the results an action plan is created and executed on our clients Adobe Campaign instance. This service is usually completed in less than four weeks.

Get in touch with us and we can help you improve your email deliverability. Keep your IPs healthy, always.

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With over 30,000 hours delivered in Adobe Campaign consulting alone, our team has worked with clients in 10 different countries, from implementation to a full operation. Based on our experience, we’ve created building blocks for Adobe Campaign in order to help companies like yours boost the platform use and improve operations on daily basis.

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