At Netbiis we are dedicated to creating value for our clients, applying the best technologies to help them to get to know and understand their customers better.


Founded to serve

Large Companies

Started as an internet software company, developing digital projects and working with teams in the US, Brazil and India.
Our founders have strong engineering background combined with digital marketing skills and solid experience in delivering Internet projects.

Evolution from factory to

Professional Services

Expansion and evolution of the business model from software development to service delivery.
Extensive know-how in working with technology for the digital advertising and online media markets.

Starting of specialized

Consulting Services

Beginning of the partnershio with Adobe offering consulting services.
Highly experienced and dedicated team focused on Marketing Automation and Customer Experience.
Commitment to build Adobe Campaign know-how in the LATAM region.

Joint venture for

Human Resources

Partnership with SOULAN Group, a brazilian HR company with 30+ years of market experience in the LATAM region.
SOULAN has a +500k candidates database and evaluates +200k candidates annually for its more than 5 thousand clients.
Also the official distribuitor of THOMAS International.

Acquisition in


Acquisition of Futstat, a data management platform specialized in indoor soccer.
Investment of U$300k in the platform’s modernization.
More than 20.000 athletes registered and playing in 150 competition on the platform.

Spinoff for

Customer Profiling

Spinoff of Moksha, a dynamic customer profilling platform.
Investment of U$500k in the platform’s creation.
Dedicated to the travel industry at first, Moksha is a solution conceived to democratize the use of modern CX technologies, such as AI & ML, for all industries.

Human Centric Mindset


People first, always thinking of the target user and the benefits we can deliver to ease theis workload.


Viability and return on investment fully aligned to fulfill the business phase.


Cutting edge technology generating insights and accelerating the company’s evolution.

Continuous Innovation

Our objective is to find the ideal balance between three pillars: People, Business and Technology, for each company’s need. By applying this methodology to every single project, we believe a company can reach a “Continuous Innovation” operation model and always deliver the best version of themselves to its customers.

Experience & Partnership

Founded in 2008, Netbiis is constantly perfecting the combination of disciplines like Software Engineering and Digital Marketing, Design and Business, Logic and Intuition. We use digital technologies to optimize businesses in the most varied industries such as: banking, real estate, pharmaceutical, transportation, travel & hospitality, communication, among others.

We have delivered hundreds of projects, overcoming challenges in several countries, with different time zones and cultures. This has brought Netbiis broad experience connecting teams around the globe.



Digital projects delivered worldwide.



Hours dedicated to digital transformation.

Pioneer in the use of cloud platforms, Netbiis dominates the use of Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure platforms.

Over the years, Adobe, a force in Marketing Automation, Customer Experience and Journey Orchestration, has become our special partner and we are continuously committed to deliver their full stack Experience Cloud Solutions.


Expansion to other

Adobe Solutions

Creation of an internal knowledge management program to form and certify new consultants.
Consolidation of Adobe Campaign know-how.
Involvement on first AdobeAnalytics projects in the LATAM region.


Deep dive into

Adobe Experience Cloud

Achievement of Adobe Campaign Specialized Partner status.
First implementations of Adobe Target and Adobe Audience Manager.
Starting of Operations Services (BPO).
Partnership with Conexio for Adobe Experience Manager.


Ready for the future

Adobe Experience Platform

Running of the largest Adobe Campaign operation in the south hemisphere.
Vast history of projects and implementations of Adobe Solutions throughtout the LATAM region.
First certifications in the new Adobe Experience Platform.

Culture and Values

At Netbiis, people’s behavior and actions are inspired by a strong culture and well defined values.


Produce and share constantly. Understand the client’s challenges with the determination to create innovative solutions with responsibility.

Hard work

This is how knowledge materializes and gains life. Through creativity at work one can manifest their professional talent and show resilience whilst adapting to new situations.


It’s what brings the stamina to perform and accomplish. With positive attitude and respect, an individual’s talent can develop into team power, multiplying possibilities.

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