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Personalized ads

Users that do not have personalized Ads lose attraction to visit and search for services and products .


Collect cookie based data with Adobe Analytics Enrich Audience Manager CRM’s offline data. Share segments using DSP’s for data driven campaigns.


Social media improvement by tailor-made ads directly to user. Reach customers with Cross-market Ads in different languages and channels.

Brand migration

Reaching cross globe channels and languages with personalized Ad experiences. According to Forrester (1), Adobe Audience Manager helps brands improve conversion by upselling current customers by 42%.

(1) Source: Total Economic Impact™ of Adobe Analytics & Adobe Audience Manager. Found in: https://www.adobe.com/analytics/audience-manager.html Accessed in March 21

Data Collection
Audience Manager

Media filtering

Opportunity & Benefit

Prevent Ads of an owned product to be displayed.
Media filtering with Displays Ads only for those that still does not have the product.
Display Ads for upselling based on owned products.

More about media filtering

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