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Businesses try to offer the best possible experience to their users. This is simply very dificult without setting-up a recommendation engine.


Creates recommendations by comparing the actual user to other users that have similar preferences and based only on the specific user’s data, such as their past purchases or searches.

Create recommendations

Create recommendations of the right products, at the right price and in the right place.


Best Buy started using a product recommendation concentrated on the online sales engine (1) and in just two quarters reported a 23.7% increase in sales (2).

(1) Source: Smarthint. Found in: https://www.smarthint.co/5-reasons-why-ecommerce-store-needs-recommendation-engine

(2) Source: CNBC. Found in: https://www.cnbc.com/2016/08/23/best-buys-surge-in-online-sales-shows-it-wont-be-toppled-by-amazon.html Accessed in March 21

Data Collection
Experience Manager

Product recommendation

Opportunity & Benefit

Automatically re targeting of ALL abandoned shopping carts.
Deliver very high personalized Offer (1:1) based on users’ recent navigation and products left on shopping cart.
Retargeting with Product Review invitations can also be part of the touches workflow.

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