Adobe Experience Cloud

A determining factor for companies’ success will be its ability to build unified customer profiles from data, keep them updated dynamically and manage highly personalized customer journeys.

Customer Journey

The more a company understands its customers, the more it can create personalized offers. Nowadays, the challenge is to create an environment where you can constantly learn from interactions throughout the journey and use what was learnt to redesign future interactions with your consumers.

The consumer has already understood that his data is valuable and consciously agrees to share his information with brands, as long as they offer highly personalized experiences in exchange.

A customer perceives an experience as highly positive when the company can convey familiarity and respect. Enchanting the consumer with experiences has never been more important.



is the base for everything


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Customer Journey




Adobe products and experience design

Adobe concentrates the best product platform available on the market for creating high-scale, large-scale customization through every moment of the consumer journey.

From the acquisition phase, conversion opportunities as well as retention moments, Adobe products bring the best solutions. Working in a fully integrated way, always assisted by their state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies, Adobe Sensei.

Netbiis Excellence

Netbiis’ team is composed by experienced, highly trained, and certified professionals who can implement, evaluate and operate Adobe’s main products. We have vast experience, with tens of thousands of consulting hours dedicated to working with Adobe products in operations of all sizes for leading industries.







Netbiis was granted with the highest global specialization grade on the Adobe Campaign solution. We are experts on the modernist Multi-channel Campaign Orchestration solutions and Customer Journey Management, including the innovative and powerful Adobe Experience Platform.

Heath Check

For companies that have already purchased Adobe Campaign or Adobe Analytics products, our team has developed and perfected consulting hour packages, with specific tasks that will verify the tools implementation “health”, guiding our client, and extracting the most these robust tools offer.

Adobe Campaign

  • Areas of assessment: Security & Audit, Performance and Operations
  • Over 40 items evaluated
  • 5 items dedicated to risk assessment
  • 7 performance tests for high availability

Adobe Analytics

  • Areas of assessment: Governance, Data Setup and Solution Design
  • 22 items evaluated
  • 4 items dedicated to risk related to GDPR
  • 6 tests to guarantee content traffic viewing

Contracting Models


Closed “turn key” project models with the implantation of the ideal platform to fulfill your needs.

Assisted operation

Continuous access to experienced, highly trained, and certified professionals to accelerate your day-to-day operation potential.



Complete outsourcing of the technology and campaign delivery operation. Your team now focused solely on creating experiences for the company and your customers.


Netbiis Specialties

Experience Packages

We have created a set of “plug-and-play” packages for companies that need speed and efficiency.

Marketing Automation

Unprecedented opportunity to build long-term relationships and win over loyal customers.

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