Most of the economically active population is always connected. Netbiis consultants understand this reality and are ready to create a Connected Strategy for your company as well.

Continuous Connection

There are always millions and millions of digital devices connected, exchanging data with the Internet. Most of these devices are for personal use. People are always connected. This is the era of Continuous Connection.

With People and Objects coexisting in connectivity, new opportunities open, also bringing new challenges. Companies need partners to help them enable, manage, and process their customers data on an ongoing basis. Developing a connected strategy has become vital for business sustainability.


Buy what we have

Obsolete approach

in the Information Era

Waiting for customers...

Respond to desire

• Open to conversation
• Two-way messaging
Customer feedback

Addressing Customers' needs

Buying is only the beginning within a connected strategy.

Contracting Models


Closed “turn key” project models with the implantation of the ideal platform that fulfills your needs.

Assisted Operation

Continuous access to experienced, highly trained, and certified professionals to accelerate your day-to-day operation potential.



Terceirização completa da operação de delivery das campanhas. Seu time e sua agência livres para criar experiências


Netbiis Specialties

Marketing Automation

An unprecedented opportunity to build long-term relationships and win over loyal customers.

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Adobe Experience Cloud

We are specialists in the world’s best solutions for Customer Experience and Journey Orchestration.

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