You can count on Netbiis’ experts to expand your team and apply the power of new technologies to create smarter business flows.

Smarter Business Processes

BPO (or Business Process Outsourcing) is the outsourcing of business processes that make intensive use of information technologies. It must be performed by a specialized team, experienced in dealing with challenges and working under pressure. This team must also be trained to adopt the best practices and methodologies in the market.

The main assignments that can be resolved by a Netbiis BPO team include the unification of data silos, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence algorithms, reports and dashboards, process automation, system integrations, IoT integrations, cloud computing, among others.

Free your team and reinvent experiences for your employees and clients.

We adopt the best agile methodologies available to the market as well as in the Production Engineering universe. Netbiis has developed a robust and mature work process. We apply Kanban techniques to minimize execution time and provide our client with total transparency.

Operation Types

Assisted Operation

[Marketing Automation]

Specialists supporting your marketing team and running automation processes for orchestrated and multi-channel campaigns.

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[Marketing Automation]

Highly specialized and dedicated team enabling all end-to-end marketing automation with KPIs and success reports.

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Designated Technology Team

Multidisciplinary technology team capable of absorbing the management and evolution of the company's internal systems.

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How We Work

We can help your company throughout the Digital Transformation journey, from the execution of specific projects to offering your operation continuous support. We apply concepts based on your day-to-day practical situations, minimizing the gap between conception and implementation.

Thus, we have built consistent, trustworthy, and long-term relationships with our customers over the years.

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