Assisted Operation

Ideal for smaller operations, with thousands of communication deliveries and companies with an internal team focused on benefiting from automation tools to operate marketing. Companies that are putting (or want to put in practice) multi-channel campaign orchestration, including e-mails, SMS, PUSH, and direct mail.

Main Tasks

  • Execution of campaigns within existing workflows and templates. Resolution of technical problems of the implanted platform with the manufacturer and segmentation guidelines.
  • Creation and maintenance of workflow templates, deliveries and landing pages. Pressure and anti-spam rule analysis. Creation of new fields for data import.
  • Deliverability, IP heating and monitoring. Domain delivery and reputation monitoring.

Robust, agile and scalable process

Agile and accurate communication between the involved teams is key to the success of automated marketing operations.

Standardized methods guarantee entry and exit, briefing and debriefing, with communication and technology validations.

From initial mapping and configuration work, Netbiis specialists optimize the process for the best day-to-day performance.

Netbiis & Adobe

Netbiis was granted with the highest global specialization grade on the Adobe Campaign solution. We are experts on the modernist Multi-channel Campaign Orchestration solutions and Customer Journey Management, including the innovative and powerful Adobe Experience Platform.

Learn more about Netbiis services for Adobe Experience Cloud here.

Other Operation types


Highly specialized and dedicated team enabling all end-to-end marketing automation with KPIs and success reports.

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Designated Technology Team

Multidisciplinary technology team capable of absorbing the management and evolution of the company’s internal systems.

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