Companies that already work with personalization, automation, and campaign orchestration data-base tools and platforms with millions of contacts, need a highly professional and measured operation.

Only cutting-edge technologies and a highly specialized, experienced team can guarantee a successful operation in this scenario.

The result is the ability to launch hundreds of personalized cross-channel campaigns to tens of millions of consumers every month.

Main tasks

  • Campaign creation and execution with workflows and/ or customized templates.
  • Platform technical extensions with plugin developments designed to optimize the operation.
  • Joint engineering teamwork with platform manufacturer when necessary.
  • New data source integrations (eg DBM, ERP, second and third party, etc.). Unified customer profile.
  • Advanced communication deliveries integrated with customization and segmentation tools.
  • Multi-language SLA (Service Level Agreement) with different time zones.
  • Deliverability, IP heating and monitoring. Domain delivery and reputation monitoring.

Assembled and trained team

Complete team composed by multiple competences. Operators, developers, and architects with complete control over the orchestration and communication delivery platform.

Multi-brand and/ or multi-country briefing flows with field customization, performance indicators, and SLA.

Error monitoring, classification and analysis by types and groups, proposing actions to mitigate and /or eliminate the causes completely.

Quarterly performance and automation level analysis with development notes and management.

Continuous team training, especially considering the operations particularities. Training of replicator specialists. Professional rotation.

Netbiis & Adobe

When the tools are Adobe, Netbiis is the authority.

Adobe partner since 2017, Netbiis was granted with the highest global specialization grade on the Adobe Campaign solution. We are experts on the modernist Multi-channel Campaign Orchestration solutions and Customer Journey Management, including the innovative and powerful Adobe Experience Platform.

Learn more about Netbiis services for Adobe Experience Cloud here.

Other Operation types

Assisted Operation

Experts supporting your marketing team, executing automation processes for orchestrated and multi-channel campaigns.

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Designated Technology Team

Multidisciplinary technology team capable of absorbing the management and evolution of the company’s internal systems.

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