Marketing Automation

The new consumers desires to receive highly personalized and efficient treatment. Welcome to the world of Marketing with cutting edge technology. Netbiis can help you get there.

Customer Experience

Consumers already understand their value and are more demanding than ever. Companies that embrace this fact and act quickly, significantly increase their chances of sustainability and even protagonism in the Digital Age world.

Delivering customized digital interactions is now perceived as a company/brand obligation. The benefit is clear: building deeper ties with your customers. And that has value, a lot of value.

Key Concepts

Data Driven

Personalization and Engagement through a unique customer view

Cross Channel

Seamless cross-channel integration, online and offline, throughout the customer journey

Automation & Orchestration

Relevant message delivery automation and real time offers

Deliver personalized experiences

Marketing and Orchestration

Better experiences, from the consumer’s point of view, means delivering personalization and relevance; where the values being delivered are clear; whilst still being easy to understand.

This is made possible with the use of modern Marketing Automation tools and methodologies, one of Netbiis’ specialties.

Marketing automation

Customer Journey Management


Siloed communication and broken experiences from the consumer view

Netbiis Process

Maturity mapping, rapid and efficient actions resulting in reliable evolution


Cross-channel orchestrated and personalized communication

The goal is to enable companies to create connected strategies, focused on developing deeper relationships with its customers.

The main key to achieving this goal is the ability to orchestrate campaigns and data flows, understanding and satisfying consumer needs.

Netbiis’ highly trained team can help you successfully setup and execute a marketing automation operation, extracting new insights from the collected data.

Contracting Models


Closed “turn key” project models with the implantation of the ideal platform that fulfills your needs.

Assisted operation

Continuous access to experienced, highly trained, and certified professionals to accelerate your day-to-day operation potential.



Complete outsourcing of the technology and campaign delivery operation. Your team now focused solely on creating experiences for the company and it's customers.


Netbiis Specialties

Experience Packages

We have created a set of “plug-and-play” packages for companies that need speed and efficiency.

Adobe Experience Cloud

We are specialists in the world’s best solutions for Customer Experience and Journey Orchestration.

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