Technology Team

New technologies appear all the time. Companies that intend to follow this movement in a dynamic and professional way may end up losing focus on their own business.

Netbiis specialists are used to this scenario and have extensive experience in understanding and mastering different technologies, always placing the best options at the service of your company, substantially improving the delivery value perceived by your customers.

Main Tasks

  • Roadmap definition and technology demand backlog control.
  • Technology management and budget planning support.
  • Customized developments and integrations tailored to our client’s specific business needs.
  • Cloud hosting environment dimensioning and monitoring.

Technology professionals selected and trained to tend to your business

A true technology “power plant” dedicated to solving your development and integration priorities, ensuring your operations rapid modernization.

A team of specialists designated to your company, working under a mature, agile and efficient management process.

Your systems new version and feature publication cycles taking place in an automated way under the best practices of DevOps and Continuous Integration.



Other Operation types

Assisted Operation

Experts supporting your marketing team, executing automation processes for orchestrated and multi-channel campaigns.

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Highly specialized and dedicated team enabling all end-to-end marketing automation with KPIs and success reports.

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